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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Silsbee, TX USA
Spouse/Partner Single / Divorced / and glad to be rid of her!
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Occupation Disabled / Retired
Children Megan Aldean Hagen 1995
Shelbi Elizabeth Cumby 1992
Also will have 4 grandchildren soon.
Military Service Built Weapons  

Mostly started filling this out to say, "Hey, I'm alive! The rumors of my death are exaggerated!"
However, since I am not attending; I thought it would be fun to let people know what I have been up too. Things you would find out if I weren't basically a Vampire anymore (thanks Doctors!) and attended the reunion.

From 10 year reunion we learned:
Attended Angelina College became a draftsman. Got married and watched career die after Bill Gates introduced Windows. Got CDL became Truck Driver.

After that reunion:
I moved to Las Vegas NV and was severely injured by a Drunk Driver in 1999. After nearly losing everything, my family moved to Indiana in 2000, and attempted to get my life back. Never really happened.
However; I have owned 2 Comic Book / DVD stores and went back to College to get Teaching Degree and a Media Arts degree, until a stroke / brain hemorrhage ended that. (More details below)

Moved back to Livingston in 2012 after Parents died and a near death experience of my own. Within a 2 year period, my ex-wife (unnamed) started using hard drugs again. She attempted to poison me and my life has never been the same. I am no longer very trustful of people. Of course, that may also have to do with my online transfer of data to the Occupy Movement that nearly created serious trouble. Partially why I gave up Facebook for Twitter. Besides it's hard to Troll the President on Facebook. Moving on....

I completed my studies recently to become an Orthodox Christian Reverend (only needed 1 extra class). I have been near death too many times for someone to tell me it's brainwaves creating that illusion. There is something on the otherside. Of course if the Doctors are correct, I will find out before your next reunion. And I believe the Doctors are accurate since my health put my Punk Rock Joke Band "F*** You, I'm Trump!" on permanent hiatus. That would have been a fun gig too! Because I am NOT a Conservative, and No longer a Democrat!
I just see many things differently than most people. OH Well, can't have your cake and eat it too!

That is why I am more open about things than previously. I do not care if I did not make a million dollars from music. I did release 2 rave albums, and played guitars, bass, and drums for them. I did release a popular underground film (website) listed. I was a YouTube Celebrity, and I worked for a Religious Movie Studio until my brain hemorrhaged. (Wish I could say it was from Drug Abuse to make it interesting, but Not so. TOO MUCH STRESS, NOT ENOUGH SLEEP, & Undisclosed Seizures! Being a true Web Junky did not help either. Self-Promotion, Self-Promotion! Doctors didn't start dosing me until after. Currently working to get my Prescription Marijuana Card to control Seizures. That's why I am not attending Reunion. Besides, this profile is funny and creates less sympathy. Seeing me on a cane walking like Yoda does Not.... Or maybe it does!) The only thing I never accomplished was finding my Queen! Stupid Right? I found a Black Widow and I gripe about a Queen? But since, I feel like I'm spilling my guts, let's continue.

It's like the old Rolling Stone's song, "You can't always get what you want". And I will die happy either way that's what matters. But tell your kids, tell your grandkids don't let opportunity pass them by. No matter how bad they looked or felt back in Jr. High throughout High School. You never know if you passed up a great thing or not. My Dad use to say never turn any girl down unless it was facedown. But I guess too many hits in the back of the head never really made me think much about it. Just have fun, the one will come (just forgot about the rattlesnakes in the pit). Which is why I no longer Facebook, and instead use Twitter.

Someone is gonna owe me money for this advertisement! But Facebook became a BAD DATING site. Met a few, moved a few, & screwed a few, but never found what I was looking for. Just bitches and hos attracted me there. Got tired of constantly being hit on (now when I was a teenager, I would have loved it. But I ain't no.sugar daddy). Anyways, I started using Twitter and discovered my very few celebrity friends use it as well. Their assistants use Facebook for promotion. So no more B.S. from the younger women, unless their Japanese or Korean (my kryptonite)! Alright enough B.S., this is not a comic routine, it's Confessional Time!

I will end with this. In Jr. High, I had a crush on Robyn Moye. Unfortunately an overweight complex problem, school bullying, and other teen angst, kept me from taking a chance. I regretted it. Not that I had a chance, but a maybe is still a possibility.
Over the years, I figured it pass. I never had the guts to admit it anyways. But strangely after I have forgotten the names of several friends I had--her name & face remains. Several others do not.

Of course that does not include Tracy Malone who I have been friends with for decades or Karl Williams or Terry White or some others. But Brain Damage for a lack of better language is a MOTHER FUCKER! Bet you never thought you would hear a Reverend use that language. But there is no other way to describe it! People you have known all your life are suddenly strangers. People you thought were trustworthy are backstabbers. But honestly I would not change any of it, except fix the only regret, the one missed chance, the one what-if. Whatever happened in the time to get a definite Yes or No, my feet would at least still tap. Today, she probably doesn't even recall who I was. Oh well. Enough of my Autobiography, how was your day?

....and the moral of this story:
Never allow Someone who lives on the Web fill out a vague question-aire. They love to tell you everything!

For fun someone suggested placing current bands I listen to below:
Stone Sour
Babymetal (Japanese Cute Metal)
Band-Maid (Japanese Rock Band / yes I speak some)
Five Finger Death Punch
All That Remains
Black Stone Cherry
Nickelback (Yes I admit it!)
Metallica (Of Course)
& Tons more.

Sorry tried Country, but after Travis Tritt lost Popularity I HATED IT!
Okay maybe I still listen to a little, but when Black Stone Cherry wrote and produced a better version of their song, "STAY" & 2 untalented country artists cover it to win a Grammy, something's wrong.

There are links at the top to some of my earlier work on YouTube etc.
I am NOT listed on IMDB (though I almost graduated with Steve Tally -- American Pie presents fame. And several other sites only have my pseudonym. (NOT REVEALING).

School Story

I basically became an outsider in High School because my Home Life sucked. Some may recall when I was in Jr High, my oldest brother blew his brains out. Then I became the punching bag for all my parents problems.

If Nancy Reagan said the kids were smoking crack then I was using it too in my parents eyes.
Honestly, I never saw any rock until I was 21. And when I discovered what it did, I had zero interest in it. The only positive was it helped keep girls working if you were pimping. (Not proud of it)

Best memory was when Randy Vance brought the second Metallica Album to school. No one believed us when we claimed "They would be the biggest band in the World.". Today they are. That event even helped my daughter Megan (also a musician) get extra credit on a report in some class at Livingston High School. LOL

Probably the most recalled incident occurred when Randy Vance and I played Iron Maiden Music Videos in English class. What can I say? We were the Bill & Ted, or Wayne & Garth before such characters were created.

Also Shannon Cain, I slightly recall you giving us Christmas Cards that year too. Strange how some memories come back like that. LOL

Oh and too those that bet I would dead or in prison before I hit 40, Pay Up! I ain't Dead yet! Close! But this ain't horseshoes. And the closest I ever came to prison was never.

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